The Golden Objective For Any Serious Economy Is To Diversify Its Export Base and Implement Policies That Allow More People To Participate In Trade.

Under my watch, Gombe State shall be a production-driven economy, directed at encouraging the private sector to provide jobs and create wealth. Our goal shall be to quickly achieve sustainable, inclusive growth as an essential launchpad for eradicating poverty, engendering prosperity for all, and achieving social justice for our different population demographies.

We will pay attention to producing goods and services for which we have comparative advantage for regional trade within Nigeria and for export. We will upgrade the quality and quantity of what our farmers produce to contribute to food and nutritional security for the State and for Nigeria. We will open access for farmers, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs to all the resources they need to expand production, including access to new technologies, finance, markets, and unbiased regulatory regimes. To do this, we shall institute measures that:

  • Expand the arable land under cultivation;
  • Promote irrigated farming to elongate the annual active engagement of farmers beyond the traditional 6 months of rain-fed farming to support all-year round farming activities;
  • Reduce post-harvest losses, increase produce quality assurance, reduce financial risks and losses;
  • Support agribusiness and manufacturing initiatives that add significant value to our local farming products and mineral resources;
  • Strengthen and improve the condition of firms, organizations, and individuals operating in the informal sector;
  • Increase opportunities of the informal sector to interact with the formal sector; and
  • Provide coherent prospects for formalizing informal sector operations in making them contribute to growth and poverty reduction in the State.

In addition to the foregoing, we shall ensure that the policies we put in place:

  • Engage the growing and youthful populations (male and female) that represent the common and largest demography in Nigeria into the informal sector; and
  • Support more inclusive and employment-intensive growth and trade in the informal sector.

It is my belief, that only initiatives like these would, undoubtedly, offer real opportunities for Gombe State to harness the enormous, latent potentials that can drive productivity and growth over a sustained period. We shall learn from the experiences of successful jurisdictions wherever they exist in the world until Gombe State becomes a model for rapid economic development in Nigeria.


In all our endeavors, we shall focus on the attainment of four (4) broad objectives:

  • Contributing to job and wealth creation;
  • Guaranteeing food and nutritional security;
  • Upgrading the quality of produce and products made in Gombe State to meet .
  • Export standards; and
  • Establishing and maintaining high standard of living and good quality of life for the generality of our people.


The strategy we shall adopt to lay foundation for economic competitiveness for Gombe State will encompass:

  • Human capital development;
  • Easing access to financial capital;
  • Providing social & civic capital;
  • Sustaining the provision of physical infrastructure;
  • Leveraging on intensive use of technology infrastructure; and
  • Promoting the provision of and access to transparent, unbiased regulation.


The philosophy that would underly our strategic thrust shall include:

  • Talent creativity to upgrade the quality of labor and achieve high wage employment for a good part of the labor force in the State;
  • Creating local context of a place to provide destinations that meet local and global needs using modern technologies;
  • Leveraging on distinctive community assets to serve as fulcrum for productivity that yields comparative advantage;
  • Strengthening institutions and establishments locally to attract and keep external investments coming into the State.


The KPIs we would use to gauge our performance shall include:

  • Low crime rate;
  • Availability, sufficiency, and condition of health facilities;
  • Housing availability;
  • Housing cost;
  • Ratings of public schools;
  • degree of compliance with climate change initiatives;
  • Availability, condition, and sufficiency of recreational facilities;
  • Availability, sufficiency and condition of tertiary institutions;
  • Cultural opportunities;
  • Poverty rate;
  • Unemployment rate;
  • Rate of State GDP growth;
  • Schools enrollment and completion rates; and
  • Quality of life.


Although we shall vigorously pursue inclusive economic growth, our target shall be the achievement of development that positively impact on the quality of life of our people. Accordingly, we shall focus on:

  • Pursuing high wage jobs for the people of Gombe State;
  • Targeting high living standards and quality of life for our people;
  • Diversification of sources of income for the State; and d) making economic growth inclusive and sustainable.



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