A Vision Lost – The Abuja Central Boulevards: being a publication elaborating on the significance of developing a viable city center for Nigeria’s Federal Capital;


Organizational Structure and Functions of a Semi-Autonomous Debt Management Office – an Elucidation of the “Front-, Middle-, Back – Office Construct. This forms the backbone for the new structure of the Nigeria Debt Management Office, which saw the exit of Nigeria from the Paris Club of Creditors. It also served as the model for the Sovereign Debt Management Structure of the Government of Sudan and the Republic of Kenya as implemented by Crown Agents for Governments and Administrations of the UK, funded by the DFID and the World Bank, respectively;


Organizational Structure and Functions of a Government Mortgage Enterprise – this defined the structure and functions of the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria that seeks to connect the mortgage industry with Nigeria’s Capital market. It also formed the bedrock for the securitization and sale of the nonessential Government houses in the FCT during Malam Nasir El-Rufa’i.


Civil Service Reform and the Professionalization of the Federal Ministry of Finance: an unpublished report submitted to the Federal Ministry of Finance in 2003, which chronicled the organizational weaknesses and structural issues with its federating agencies and departments. The report made fundamental recommendations on the Organizational structure and functions of the Ministry needed to achieve professionalization.


Reforming and Modernizing the Nigeria Customs Service: A Roadmap – being a report Presented to Government elaborating on the process for the reform and modernization of the Nigeria Customs Service. This report was endorsed by Special Mission of the IMF to Nigeria on Customs Reform.


Strategic Roadmap for Gombe State: a report submitted to Gombe State Government highlighting the problems slowing development and recommending strategic action plan for accelerated growth and development;Plan for the Migration of Pension Scheme from Defined Benefits to Defined Contributions: a Strategy Paper submitted to the Government of Gombe State to guide the implementation of the provisions of the National Pension Reform Act aimed at making the pension liabilities of Gombe State more manageable by migrating from Defined Benefits to Defined Contribution Scheme;


 Gombe State Agribusiness Cluster Initiative: being a Policy Paper presented to the Gombe State Economic Team aimed at initiating discussion on a viable agricultural policy that develops agriculture all across its value chain using predetermined Growth Poles and Crop Processing Zones to be established in each of the State’s Senatorial Zones.


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