My Professional Engagements

I am a chartered accountant, a Fellow of the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants, a Fellow of the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria, and an alumnus of Goldman Sachs University, London. My experience span Banking and Finance and Development Consulting, having worked for the World Bank, US-Aid, UK Aid as well as with many other multinational-consulting firms like Booz Allen & Hamilton, IBM Consulting, Clifford Chance, etc.

As a consultant, mostly hired by major donor agencies, I actively participated in the civil service reform undertaken by the President Obasanjo administration during which I led the restructuring of such key Federal Agencies as the Bureau of Public Enterprises under Malam Nasir El-Rufa’I, Federal Ministry of Finance under Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iwala, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission under Malam Nuhu Ribadu, Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria under Malam Tanimu Yakubu, Investment Promotion Commission under Malam Suraj Yakubu, and the Debt Management Office under Dr. Mansur Muhtar, among other engagements.

My intervention at the DMO as Project Manager for the United Kingdom Department for International Development contributed to Nigeria’s exit from the Paris Club of creditors, which resulted in the historic debt relief that forgave US$18bn of Nigeria’s debt and structured a debt buy-back of the remaining US$12bn in full and final settlement of Nigeria’s debt with the Paris Club. My project also guided the restructuring of the country’s London Club debt, which reduced the quantum of the country’s Par Bonds and Oil Warrants obligations through direct auctions and, ultimately, led to the substitution of the primary obligor, the Central Bank of Nigeria, with a leading Investment Banker to free the country from the embracing debt shackles the London Debt represented for Nigeria.

At the international level, working with the Crown Agents of UK under the sponsorship of the DFID, I participated in the conceptualization of a semi-autonomous debt management office for the Government of Sudan as a panacea for remedying their debt burden in realization of their options under the HIPIC (Highly Indebted Poor Income Countries) arrangement. Under sponsorship of the World Bank, I worked with Crown Agents for Countries and Administrations of the United Kingdom to establisha Debt Management Department (DMD) in the Ministry of Finance and Planning of the Republic of Kenya. During the engagement, my responsibilities included creating an interface between the DMD and the Bank of Kenya (CBK) for the issuance of domestic debt aimed at raising funds for development for the Government of Kenya and distinguishing such interventions from the legitimate (liquidity) operations of the CBK in order to guide appropriate investor pricing of Government bonds.

In 2010, I was hired by the World Bank to conduct a baseline study for the Gombe State Community Social Development Project. Under the project I identified, evaluated, and mapped the availability and condition of such essential social infrastructure as schools, classrooms, school furnishings, health facilities, water availability, orphanages, skill development centers, and basic transport infrastructure like rural roads, bridges, and culverts across 73 communities in Gombe State. The assignment was to determine availability, condition, and accessibility of people to those assets.  My report provided the baseline for the community-level intervention by the World Bank in the State using an inclusive model that gives control of planning and implementation of social projects to the communities to which they only contribute 10% of the cost.


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