I was born to the family of Malam Muhammadu Anchau Bojude and Maryam (a.k.a Hajiya Dada) on 28th September 1962 in Bojude, a rural community near Gombe in present Gombe State. My father was a farmer who has never been to a conventional school. He was however a student of the Quran and some Islamic books, which he studied under his tutors (Ulamas). He was a natural organizer who was selected Youth Leader (Shugaban Samari) by the local community, up till this moment  a very functional title venerated by a wide section of our traditional communities in Northern Nigeria to the extent that it has now been assimilated into Nigeria’s political party structure.

Muhammadu Anchau was politically active during Nigeria’s first republic on the side of the right wing NCNC. I am always reminded of a momentous social event my father organized that attracted large participation by all and sundry from towns and villages in the neighboring communities. Bojude had never seen the like of such gathering till date, I was told. when I showed interest in politics therefore, I was told that I was actually walking in the shadows of my father – barewa bazata yi gudu danta yayi rarrafe ba – they say in local parlance.

Although my father was not a beneficiary of formal western education, for me, he remains a symbol of a onetime functional Nigeria that provided opportunities for growth and development to all hard working citizens without exception. The story of his life demonstrated the possibility of integration between the formal and informal sectors of Nigeria’s economy. That it is possible for a peasant, unschooled child with no record of western education to enroll in a Government sponsored literacy class to learn to read and write, to proceed to a local government Works Department to acquire skills ( in his case Carpentry), sit for trade tests and qualify as a professional to be employed by a first rated multinational construction company, Starling Astaldi, and to change jobs to work for an Indian vegetable and fruit processing company using Italian technology, Vegfrue, and to rise through the ranks to become the Head of its Construction Department, a position he held until he retired. We knew what it meant to be poor but we saw how our father served with dedication and dignity until he  retired. A discipline that will remained engraved in the minds of his children till eternity.

I started my primary school at Central Primary School Gombe, now Hassan Primary School. When my father changed jobs to work for a vegetable fruit processing company in Dadinkowa, I moved with the family to complete my primary school education at Hinna Primary School. When General Olusegun Obasanjo served Nigeria as Military Head of State, he established many Teachers Collages under his Universal Primary Education Program. I gained admission into one of those at Misau in the then Bauchi State. I graduated as a Grade III Teacher initially, and later as a Grade II Teacher from the same institution. I taught briefly in a primary school in Yamaltu Deba Local Government before proceeding to Ahmadu Bello University Zaria to read Diploma in Accounting. I worked briefly in the banking sector before going back to the same institution to acquire a bachelor of Science honors degree  in Accounting and graduated with a Second Class (Upper Division). After graduation, I served in the finance and manufacturing sectors of Nigeria’s economy until I established my own Management Consulting business, the profile of which is contained elsewhere on this website and in my curriculum vitiate , which you can find here.


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